ROH Star Defends Himself Against Claims Of “Fat Shaming”

Matt Taven sent out a tweet about a fan at ROH Final Battle who was apparently being a bit of an issue. He called this fan a “weird beard, fat fingered, melvin” in the process while wondering how busy this guy is because he seems to post on everything Taven puts online.

Then Taven got some hate from a fan who called him out for “fat shaming” during this tweet. Apparently, calling out the size of someone’s finger is making fun of their weight issue.

Taven didn’t let those accusations go without defending himself in a big way. He made a point that his accuser is a hypocrite and that they continue to make personal attacks on him as well.

“What an unbelievable hypocrite you are,” Taven replied. “You’ve made numerous personal attacks against me, my appearance, my performance, my career, etc. but if I say something back I’m in the wrong? I think you’re the one with some grow up to do. You couldn’t handle a day in my life snowflake”

Taven also received some backup from Sammy Guevara who suggested that he just block this hater. It might be a good idea because you never know when a hater might say something that can finally trigger you because that’s their primary objective, after all.