Why The Rock Always Refused To Work With Shawn Michaels

The Rock is now a huge Hollywood movie star, therefore he doesn’t wrestle at all anymore. During his time in WWE, he fought hard to get to the top of the card. Apparently, he also had to fight Shawn Michaels backstage in some respects which is something he never got over.

Dave Meltzer told a story during Wrestling Observer Radio about why The Rock always refused to work with Shawn Michaels and how HBK might have had it coming in a way.

“There was a time when The Midnight Rockers were on a show in Hawaii and Rock’s grandmother was the promoter and I guess that there problems in the dressing room and Rock wanted to beat up Shawn I think. I think Shawn was acting like a dick, so that didn’t help.”

“Then when Rock was on his ascension, everyone will say this didn’t happen, but it did. It was very clear what was going on and there were certain people, Shawn being one of the key ones and it was pretty much to protect Hunter. Because Hunter and Rock were pretty much vying for the same spot.”

“So a lot of people saw that The Rock had a lot of friends and he had a lot of potential and I think that they wanted to make sure that he didn’t get there and I thin that he’s smart enough to see that happened. So when he got to the point where he was a big star, he didn’t want to work with [HBK].”

“Now today, he said since that he would do it but he’s not working with anybody today.”

The Rock and Shawn Michaels didn’t have much time when they were active wrestlers on the same roster anyway, but a match between the two still didn’t happen. Meltzer said when the first Steve Austin vs The Rock match happened at WrestleMania, they were politicking backstage to get Mick Foley into the match instead of The Great One as a way to keep him down.

It seems like we’re not going to see The Rock vs Shawn Michaels at this stage in their careers, so it’s not going to happen. At least fans have the power to ignore backstage politics and book the match in video game world anyway.

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