Becky Lynch On If She’s Surprised Fans Cheered For Her WWE SummerSlam Heel Turn

WWE had a great idea for Becky Lynch at SummerSlam where they booked her to turn heel. She beat Charlotte Flair down after their match and really gave it to her. All the while, the crowd was cheering like crazy. This didn’t surprise Lynch one bit though.

While speaking to Uproxx, The Man was asked if the crowd reception to her supposed heel turn surprised her at all. In fact, it’s exactly what she thought was going to happen because the WWE Universe was getting tired of seeing Flair beat Lynch too.

“Not even slightly. I don’t know how anybody thought that there could have been a different response. I went out there after having months and months of winning matches and overcoming and proving to everybody that I am the top woman.”

“Charlotte was gone, so it couldn’t have been put on her, so that she couldn’t be put in the foreground because she was off doing whatever she was doing and Becky Lynch stepped up once again as she always does and took over said this is my show, this is what I deserve… and I had earned the right to a title match, and everybody was happy because Becky Lynch is finally getting the opportunity… when Charlotte has been handed this opportunity time and time again, but of course, she comes in, weasels her way into the match. Weasels her way into the match, therefore heightening the odds against me to win. As they want. As they want, because they don’t want me to be the top star, right?”

“So she weasels her way in and then she steals the victory from me when I had the match won! She steals the victory from me, and I turned my back on her, and I whacked the head off her, and of course, the crowd goes mad. How I am the bad guy? How am I the bad guy in that situation? I’m not! I’m not, and I said… I’m tired of taking this. It’s years of being held back by you. Your friendship is holding me back from what I want and what I deserve, and if I’m the bad guy for that, well then, I don’t want to be the good guy.”

The WWE Universe stood behind The Man and didn’t want to see her get pushed down the card either. A loss at SummerSlam could have done that, but a post-match beatdown meant that there was more story to tell for Lynch. The fans were all behind her which is something that hasn’t changed.