Recent Illnesses In WWE Reportedly Aren’t “That Serious”

WWE needs their Superstars to be feeling their best so they can continue to perform. It seems that a recent string of illnesses have afflicted the WWE locker room because you can’t stop everything wrong from happening.

Hopefully, Finn Balor’s illness won’t cost him a match at WWE TLC this Sunday. It is reported that he’s not the only one feeling bad though.

Alexa Bliss was also ill, but she’s much better now. It looks like she might have gone to a Disney theme park as recently as last night according to her Instagram stories. Either way, she said that she’s getting over her cold.

EC3 was also not feeling too well which caused him to stay in his house for two days. Carter also had a case of the hiccups that wouldn’t stop. That might mean that he’s growing though, so maybe Vince McMahon will like him even more.

Fightful reports that they’ve heard none of the illnesses or afflictions were all that serious so there’s nothing to be worried about.