Update On Top Indie Star’s Return From Injury

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The indie wrestling world has a lot of people in it right now who are lighting up shows and selling a ton of tickets. Fenix works a lot in Mexico, but he also made his mark in the US wrestling scene in the past year working the indies as well as for MLW and Impact Wrestling. He was also in the main event of ALL IN.

Fenix had to cancel all of his remaining dates for 2018 because he suffered a groin injury. This is the kind of thing that could be devastating for most wrestlers, but luckily for Fenix, he apparently has enough money that he can take the time off to heal.

PW Insider reports that Fenix’s groin issues will be over with soon as he will be able to return to action “shortly.”

There was no exact timeframe given, but seeing how he canceled all of his dates for the remainder of 2018 and we only have a couple of weeks left in the year, it’s very likely that he’ll be working again soon.

Hopefully, he’ll be able to keep performing at a top level and stay injury free from this point on.

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