Rey Mysterio vs Randy Orton – WWE TLC Betting Odds Revealed

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As seen on Sky Bet, the betting odds for the upcoming Rey Mysterio vs Randy Orton match at WWE TLC have been released.

These two veterans of WWE have gone to war with one another multiple times over the course of the last decade and a half, fighting for pride, bragging rights, and even world championships. Now, however, with both of them likely entering the final stage of their in-ring careers, they’ll battle at least one more time in a Chairs Match.

It’s a stipulation that many fans have moaned about over the years as they feel it’s a little bit pointless, but given the nature of the WWE TLC event, it always seemed likely that one of the matches would have this added on.

In terms of the betting odds, Randy Orton is currently the 4/6 favourite with Mysterio being the 11/10 underdog – which is a moniker he’s been more than familiar with over the years.

While that isn’t an outright indication of Orton’s impending victory it certainly seems like he’s on track towards bigger things, especially when you consider just how well he’s been received as a heel.

The two have traded victories back and forth but this certainly feels like the definitive end to the feud one way or another, especially with the Royal Rumble being right around the corner. While neither man will be a favourite to win the match in Phoenix, the fact that they have three Rumble wins between them should be enough to ensure you don’t rule them out.

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