Lio Rush Cuts Promo During A Bubble Bath

Lio Rush has become known as the guy following Bobby Lashley around talking about how he smells like money. Rush is also a Superstar on 205 Live and as he got to show on RAW recently against Elias, the guy has skills.

He recently cut a promo from a very relaxing place, inside a bubble bath.

You can watch this promo below as Rush puts himself over as The Man Of The Hour while soaking himself. “It seems as though people are just now starting to get the memo. When the Man Of The Hour is near, that means you’re on my time,” Rush said.

He said that there are going to be consequences if people don’t start listening to him. He’s planning on collecting from those who don’t come correct, but it’ll have to wait until his bathtime is over.

We also wonder if he wears a hat during all of his baths.