WWE Reportedly Unsure Of XFL’s Drawing Power

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The XFL is coming back in 2020 and they apparently have some big plans. There is financial backing to help the league continue longer than one season this time and they’re already selling reservations for season tickets.

Brad Shepard mentioned a conversation he had with a source in WWE during Oh, You Didn’t Know who expressed a lot of doubt that anyone will end up buying tickets to see the new version of XFL football.

“I had a conversation about the XFL this week from a source in WWE. They don’t believe that people will buy XFL tickets unless maybe they go super cheap with them.”

“It thought that was interesting because again, we talked about the business strategy of the XFL which was essentially to go into these large stadiums, right? Six out of the eight are 30k plus stadiums, right? There are a couple like a soccer stadium in DC, it’s 20k. But like you’re going to MetLife that’s enormous, that’s where they’re having WrestleMania. You’re going to all these big stadiums where the Seahawks plan and on and on and on so you’re going into these huge arenas that holds 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 plus thousand people… for the XFL?”

It was noted that the momentum doesn’t seem to be there in order to fill those big venues. It was also mentioned how it could look really bad on television if they have to air the games with a lot of sections empty. It’s much harder to cover up vacant seats with tarps when you’re dealing with a massive football stadium. It could be interesting, but maybe the XFL shot too high when it comes to figuring out the locations to host the league’s revival.

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