WWE Could Be Planning Big Royal Rumble Surprise

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The Royal Rumble pay-per-view will have two 30-person Royal Rumble Matches in January as they did last time. A big difference next year is that the winners of the WWE Mixed Match Challenge round-robin tournament will receive the final entry spots of the match.

It does kill a lot of suspense for the match because fans often wonder what surprises WWE has for them during the Royal Rumble match. With the #30 spots already claimed, that takes away a big opportunity to be shocked at WWE’s decision.

Dave Meltzer discussed this issue on Wrestling Observer Radio where he relayed the idea that the final entry spots in the Royal Rumble matches could always be changed around if WWE has a big surprise planned. After all, it is a pretty big entry spot to spoil a month early.

“I smell a swerve in that number 30 men’s spot. They have to, because I can’t imagine they’re gonna do the whole Royal Rumble and everyone knows R-Truth is coming out at number 30. Or you know, who’s the other choice? Jinder. It ain’t gonna be him. Whichever one, I think we’re  gonna get a big surprise. I don’t know who it’s gonna be but I can’t imagine — I could be dead wrong — but I can’t imagine doing a whole Royal Rumble and then number 30 [be either Mahal or Truth].”

You never know what WWE could be planning for Phoenix. It stands to reason that WWE wouldn’t want the final spot to be so obvious so maybe they have other plans.

However the WWE Mixed Match Challenge finals end up at WWE TLC, Meltzer seems to think fans could be in for a surprise when the Royal Rumble comes around. Either way, it will be exciting because the Royal Rumble always is and the winner will get a huge WrestleMania reward. We’ll just have to wait and see what WWE decides to do or who they will have access to when January 27th rolls around.

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