Seth Rollins New Entrance Music Drawing Huge Criticism

We all know that Seth Rollins loves to Burn It Down. The crowds love to yell “Burn It Down” during his entrance as well. WWE loves to take something that fans love and make it something different, so they squeezed as many Burn It Downs in the new version of Seth Rollins’ entrance music as they could.

It seems like this music might not have been a fluke on RAW this week. Many fans noticed that the Burn It Down music included the same “Burn It Down” over and over again.

Brad Shepard called this Rollins’ new music on Oh, You Didn’t Know meaning that this could be sticking around. Then they continued to talk about how mistimed and strange the new arrangement is.

We’ll have to see if the negative reaction will cause WWE to make an about-face on this idea. After all, they also put sirens into Dean Ambrose’s entrance music a couple of weeks ago too. So both Rollins and Ambrose’s entrances at WWE TLC this Sunday could be very interesting.