Cody Rhodes Reportedly Hyping Himself With No Big Money Offer From WWE

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Cody Rhodes made headlines recently when he claimed that he had to recently turn down a deal from WWE. Other reports would suggest that WWE is offering Cody a ton of money to entertain the thought of coming back to WWE.

Brad Shepard heard from his sources that this might not be the case for WWE and Cody Rhodes. He said on Oh, You Didn’t Know that the story we’re hearing isn’t the 100% as he’s been told.

“So there was a recent tweet by Cody Rhodes or an indication that he received a WWE offer within the past few weeks  The initial report from Dave Meltzer said essentially that WWE was going to offer top main event money. to Cody Rhodes to try and get him signed.”

“So I was told that Cody was hyping himself regarding the WWE offer and Meltzer is either doing him a favor by boosting it or is being given bad information. Nobody is offering Rhodes millions of dollars.”

Apparently, there are two sides to this story and we might have simply been given the version that Cody wants us to hear. It was noted that Rhodes wouldn’t turn down millions of dollars from WWE if that money was really on the table. Apparently, it isn’t so you can take this side of the story into consideration as well.

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