New Details On Kevin Owens’ Expected WWE Return From Injury

Kevin Owens was put out of action due to taking so much punishment on his knees. This is why he needed a double knee surgery which is never fun to recuperate from.

Owens has been enjoying his time off from WWE even though he got really mad at Elton John in the process and challenged him to a WrestleMania match. He is working on recovering and hopefully, he’ll be back and ready to go with some big plans WWE has for him.

While it’s not certain exactly what WWE could be planning for KO’s return, Dave Meltzer discussed the former Universal Champion’s current injury status on Wrestling Observer Radio where he revealed that it still might be a bit of time before we hear Owens’ music strike once again.

“Kevin Owens is due late February, early March but they may hold him off until after WrestleMania.”

If WWE is certain that Owens will be back in time for WrestleMania, they very well could book him in a match for their biggest show of the year. They need to be very certain of this though seeing how much their WrestleMania card has needed to change so much already.

Either way, Kevin Owens might be a huge surprise return for the Raw or SmackDown following WrestleMania 35 next year which could put him in a good highlighted position for a comeback on WWE television.

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