Matt Hardy Has Good News Concerning His WWE Return

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Matt Hardy had to go home following a career of abuse in the ring. At this time, he is still rehabilitating his injuries and we’ve heard reports and seen on social media that he is working for WWE in a backstage capacity.

You can never say never for Matt Hardy though as it turns out that his announcement that he was going home was not a retirement at all. However, there is no definite timetable for his WWE return.

“There is not a set timeline,” Hardy said to Akhilesh Gannavarapu, “Whenever I was ‘going home’ there were some issues, some nagging injuries I was dealing with. I had to go home and do some rehabilitation.”

“As far as a timetable of when I’m going to return, I don’t have an exact timetable but I would say sooner than later.”

This is great news for fans of Hardy who would love to see more of his Woken Wisdom on RAW once again. Maybe it will happen sooner than we would realize, but at this stage in his career, let’s hope Matt Hardy doesn’t rush things because he’s already given so much of his body for the fans’ entertainment at this point.

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