WWE RAW Results – December 10, 2018

We come back from the break and get replays of the open of tonight’s show, Natalya and Ruby Riott, Dolph Ziggler Vs. Drew McIntyre, as well as Bobby Roode & Chad Gable winning the Tag Team Championships.

We see Heath Slater backstage, upset. Baron Corbin comes in and tells him he did a good job. Slater starts to take off the shirt and says he’s going home. But Corbin tells him no, he has another match to referee tonight.

Out comes Alexa Bliss. She goes to speak but is interrupted by Nia Jax’s music. Jax and Tamina make their way to the ring. She says before this gets going, she wants to make a statement. On Sunday, she will become the new Women’s Champion. And that will come at the expense of Ronda Rousey. She says getting beat with gloves in UFC has made Ronda slow. She says if Ronda had any sense left, she would come out now and hand-in her belt to avoid a beating on Sunday. She says she doesn’t need to talk trash to build-up a fight, that’s because she’s a 6ft Samoan woman. And she will beat Ronda, with the same fist that broke Becky Lynch. This time though, she won’t stop punching until Ronda taps out. Nia says she isn’t stupid, she is a strategist. She says she knows Ronda has been a Champion every where she went, so if Ronda gets a hold of her arm, she will simply pry her off and punch her in the face. She screams into microphone about taking her title back and then Ronda finally interrupts.

Rousey starts talking on her way to the ring. She says she didn’t come here to talk or pose, she came here to fight. Ronda storms the ring and Nia, Tamina, and Bliss leave. Tamina and Nia surround Ronda on the apron but then Ember Moon comes out to Ronda’s aid. Ember will face one of them, next!

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Ember Moon W/Ronda Rousey Vs.Tamina W/Nia Jax

We return to see the match in progress. Moon gets Tamina out of the ring, and Jax approaches her. Rousey gets near her and intimidates her. Moon goes for a springboard, but Tamina superkicks her out of mid-air. Moon falls out of the ring, Ronda checks on her, and she gets back in. Tamina applies a chin lock, but Moon fights up. Tamina powers her down and keeps the chin lock applied.

Moon fights up while the fans stamp their feet, but Tamina takes her right back down. Moon avoids an avalanche and kicks her back. Moon kicks away at Tamina and sweeps the feet. Moon hits a reverse STO for a near fall. Tamina quickly slams her down for a two count. Moon hits a Codebreaker and gets to the top rope. Jax climbs to the apron to distract Ember. Rousey pulls Jax off the apron and throws her over the barricade and into the crowd. Moon knocks Tamina off the top rope and hits the Eclipse for the win.

Winner: Ember Moon

Rousey and Moon celebrate! Rousey will face Jax on Sunday, at TLC!

Seth Rollins will take on Baron Corbin in a TLC Match with the WWE Intercontinental Championship on the line in tonight’s main event.

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We return to see Baron Corbin in his office. Charly Caruso comes in to interview him, and asks if him facing Rollins for the Intercontinental Championship is abuse of power. Corbin says that kind of question could get her shipped to SmackDown Live. He says it isn’t an abuse of power, because Seth challenged him. And if he didn’t accept, the fans wouldn’t get to see him swing a chair or climb a ladder – because on Sunday he will beat Braun Strowman via forfeit. Charly says there are rumours that Braun may appear at TLC. Corbin laughs and says Braun is the one-armed man because of him. So after Sunday, we’ll all be saying “all hail Corbin”.

The announcers rundown the entire TLC card, happening this Sunday. Corbin will face Seth Rollins, next!

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Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring first and stares at the title suspended above the ring. Corbin is out second and we get ring introductions for both men.

WWE Intercontinental Championship

Tables, Ladders, & Chairs Match

(C) Seth Rollins Vs. Baron Corbin

The bell rings and Rollins attacks Corbin, beating him into the corner and stomping a mudhole. Corbin fights back and whips Rollins into the ropes, knees him to the gut, and lifts him for a suplex but Rollins knees him in the head. Rollins then knees Corbin in the back and knocks him from the ring.

Rollins goes out after the General Manager Elect and slams his head on the ring apron. Rollins grabs a chair but Baron gets back in the ring. Rollins tries to jump back into the ring but Corbin kicks him in mid-air and he falls to the floor. Corbin then grabs referee Heath Slater and tells him to bring a ladder into the ring. Slater obliges, meanwhile Seth Rollins springboards off of the ropes and clotheslines Corbin. The GM rolls to the floor as we head to the break.

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We return to see Corbin punch Rollins and grab a steel chair. Corbin cracks the chair across the back of Rollins, then does so again. He stands his boot on Rollins neck before jamming the chair into his ribs. Rollins rolls from the ring and Corbin follows him. Corbin tosses Rollins into the barricade, then another barricade. He talks trash to Seth and walks around the ring to grab a ladder. Corbin is putting the ladder into the ring when Rollins comes from nowhere and dropkicks the ladder into Corbin.

Seth then brings the ladder into the ring and tries to set it up but gets attacked from behind. Corbin lays the ladder in the corner and suplexes Rollins onto it! Rollins tries to throw Seth out of the ring but the GM slides back in the other side of the ring post and clotheslines Seth. The announcers talk about how impressive Corbin is. Corbin tosses Rollins over the top rope and sets a ladder up in the middle of the ring. Corbin is climbing the ladder and gets near the top when Seth springboards onto the ladder and punches him off. Rollins kicks Corbin and looks for The Stomp but Corbin avoids it and shoves him head-first into the steel ladder! Corbin then dropkicks Rollins out of the ring.

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We come back just in time to see Baron Corbin catch Seth Rollins with a Deep Six and both men are down. Corbin then picks Rollins up and punches him repeatedly. Rollins manages to dodge Corbin, sending him into the chair wedged in the corner!

Rollins then dislodges the chair as the fans chant “burn it down!”. Rollins proceeds to beat Corbin with the chair over and over, until he rolls from the ring. Rollins hits Corbin with a suicide dive, and a second, and a third… but the third time Corbin caught him and chokeslammed him through a table at ringside! Both men are down and out.

Corbin gets the ladder set back up in the centre of the ring and starts to climb. Rollins comes in and cracks Corbin in the back with the chair! Corbin dodges Rollins, who inadvertently hits Slater with the chair and they both fall out of the ring. Cobin goes out and grabs Rollins for Deep Six but Seth lands on his feet and suckers Corbin into hitting the steel steps. Rollins places Corbin on a table at ringside and scales to the top rope, before hitting a frog splash!

Rollins returns to the ring, readjusts the ladder and starts to climb. Just as he nears the belt, Heath Slater grabs the ladder and tips it over – sending Seth crashing into the ropes! Slater then lifts Corbin and brings him into the ring. Corbin slowly climbs the ladder but then Rollins returns and knocks Slater down, before grabbing Corbin and powerbombing him through the table propped up in the corner. Seth turns to climb the ladder again but Slater is there and he tries to explain to Seth that he has to help Corbin win, but Seth hits a huge superkick and Slater rolls from the ring. Seth then hits Corbin with The Stomp and scales the ladder to retrieve his belt.

Winner: Seth Rollins

Rollins holds his ladder atop the belt, while Dean Ambrose comes out onto the stage and they share a staredown.

That’s it for this week’s Raw! A much better show than past weeks. Let us know what you thought in the comments and we’ll see you back here tomorrow for all your wrestling news! Until then, safe travels.