RAW Superstar’s Betting Odds All But Confirm Title Reign Before 2020

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As seen on Sky Bet, one WWE RAW superstar appears to be all but set for a championship reign between now and January 1st, 2020.

While it sounds like that’s a long way away given that we aren’t even in 2019 yet, professional wrestling moves quick and we all know that. Obviously, nobody can predict exactly what’s going to happen and betting odds can fluctuate, but this is about as nailed on as it’s going to get.

With only one WrestleMania between now and then it’s entirely possible that the title change happens at MetLife Stadium, but it all depends on how the next few months go. One thing is for sure, though, dedicated fans of this superstar certainly aren’t going to be too shocked to hear the news.

The superstar in question is none other than Braun Strowman, who is an unbelievable 1/50 to become a champion by the time 2020 rolls around. For those of you who aren’t aware of how the odds work, that means that betting £50 on Braun to become a champion would win you just £1 if he was successful.

Strowman is currently scheduled to face Baron Corbin at WWE TLC, and if he wins that match, he’ll go on to the Royal Rumble to once again challenge Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship.

Courtesy of his elbow injury some feel as if Braun won’t even make it to TLC in San Jose, but if he does, his road to the title could begin much sooner than the months before 2020.

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