Brandi Rhodes Speaks Out Against Racist “Journalism”

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Journalism isn’t the enemy, it’s the thoughts of the people behind the words and the intention to manipulate more into believing their clouded and oftentimes contorted agenda. Brandi Rhodes has had enough of this type of practice, especially from those outlets who spread racism.

Rhodes has certainly dealt with closed-minded people before, but she doesn’t have time to entertain those platforms who think it’s okay to be racist, even if it’s meant to be funny.

“It’s sad that classic racism can be covered up as “journalism” these days. If you follow “platforms” that make racist and sexist jokes under a “just kidding” mentality, please rethink how you allocate your free time. You don’t have to tolerate it. Unfollowing can be liberating,” Brandi Rhodes tweeted out.

While she didn’t necessarily direct her statements at anyone, in particular, but it might not be too difficult to figure out who she’s talking about. Hopefully, she will encourage more people to shut out the hate, even if those responsible claim they’re “just kidding.”

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