Damien Sandow On Not Getting Attention In WWE & Keeping His Mouth Shut

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Damien Sandow remembers his WWE career fondly and as he is now breaking into the acting world, he can look back and discuss it openly. He recently took part in an Ask Me Anything podcast and had a lot to say about a feud most of us might have forgotten.

When asked what his favorite feud was in his WWE career, Sandow didn’t have anyone else to put over than Brodus Clay. He then discussed some of the finer parts of the rivalry that WWE didn’t seem to get right.

“My favorite feud I’m gonna say with Brodus Clay. It was the first real feud I had. It never I thought got the attention that would have maximized the contrast between the two characters, you know. Based on a bunch of live event reactions, you know all the stuff we did was good.”

“In fact, there was one thing where I attacked him from behind and I ‘broke his leg’ and he’s selling up the ramp and because he was selling up the ramp and because he was selling his leg because it was broken they thought he was taking his time as opposed to actually putting something over and that was one of the most ridiculous thing we had ever heard, but we just kept our mouths shut and kept going.”

“It never really had the big payoff it should’ve but man, I’m gonna tell ya on live events we had some awesome ones, […] that never reall got the attention it deserved.”

It seems like both Damien Sandow and Brodus Clay are now putting pro wrestling behind them so we’re likely to never see how that story would have ended. WWE did put the stop to the feud without much fanfare. You can watch a portion of their rivalry in the video below to see some of that magic Sandow was talking about.

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