Sasha Banks Has A Major Issue With Christmas Carolers

Sasha Banks works very hard for WWE whenever she’s on the road and the company recently sent her to The United Arab Emirates for some media appearances. She was able to work out at the CrossFit gym there and had a great time being The Boss, but Sasha had to wake up super early in order to get it done.

Much to Banks’ surprise, when she finally got back to her hotel room she was unable to sleep at all, but it wasn’t her fault.

Christmas carolers were in the lobby of her massive hotel and the sound of their songs echoed straight upward and into Sasha’s ears. It’s not that she’s a grinch, but The Boss needed some sleep and couldn’t get it.

She posted some Instagram stories to share her miserable situation which you can see below. Hopefully, she was able to get some rest because nobody wants to deal with a sleep-deprived Sasha Banks.