Finn Balor Says Being Moved To WWE SmackDown Live Would Be A Good Thing

Finn Balor is currently in a feud with Drew McIntyre on RAW and the two are set to collide at WWE TLC. Balor and McIntyre haven’t had a proper match yet and as Balor spoke to Not Sam Wrestling, he revealed that he is excited about the contest. This excitement isn’t even hampered by the fact that Finn first found out about the match in an unusual way.

In a couple of months, the WWE roster could be going through another change as a WWE Superstar Shake-Up is likely. Roberts asked Balor how he would feel if he was moved over to SmackDown Live and Finn’s reply shows how much he loves pro wrestling. It doesn’t matter where Balor is performing, as long as he is able to step in a wrestling ring somewhere.

“I take it as good news that I’m getting to step in a ring on Tuesday as opposed to not stepping in a ring at all. So honestly man, you could put me in a ring in a parking lot at Wal-Mart and I’d be happy.”

“Once I’m in a wrestling ring that’s all I care about whether it’s a red one, or a blue one, or a yellow one, or you know anything I’ll be happy.”

SmackDown Live is primed to become WWE’s A-Show in October 2019 once they move to Fox on Friday nights. Therefore, anyone could see it as a very good sign if the blue brand is their destination at this point.

You can’t argue with Finn Balor’s reply though because he obviously has the right attitude about the situation. Because as long as he’s able to wrestle, then he’s a happy Demon, even if WWE doesn’t let him put on the makeup very often anymore.

Do you think Finn Balor would be better off on SmackDown or even NXT at this point?

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