Becky Lynch Says Finn Balor Taught Her Not To Trust Anybody

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Becky Lynch is considered by some fans to have a character like “Stone Cold” Steve Austin at this point in her WWE career. This is an honor she has spoken openly about. Lynch could very well be a new version of Austin in a way because they both share the same mantra: “Don’t trust anybody.”

While speaking to the Asbury Park Press, Lynch revealed something Finn Balor taught her while she was training to become a professional wrestler that has stuck with her. As it turns out, his advice falls very much in line with something Stone Cold used to say on a regular basis.

“You know what he taught me a long time ago? He said, ‘If anybody tells you it’s raining, go out and check.’ And I always think that’s perfect. It’s a little bit like the whole (idea that) you can’t trust anybody, right? And not everybody’s got your back, right? And so I think I’ve learned that, and you’ve seen that in me coming out on TV recently, that I don’t trust anybody, that I’m going to go out and check for myself and take things for myself. I think that’s what he meant by that.”

“Also, what was so great about Finn is that he was so passionate, right? I think that extended down to everybody he taught because we all absorbed that passion and we wanted to be the best. And he just has such a great work ethic and such a discipline and such a drive and such a belief in himself. So I think that extended to me and that was something that I looked at and idolized and hoped that one day I could bring out in myself. And look, here we are.”

At this point in her career, Lynch is one of the hottest names in WWE. Her star status seems to be unrivaled on the SmackDown Live brand and as their Women’s Champion, she is holding the top spot down as The Man.

Becky Lynch didn’t get to her current position on her own, but she realizes that in order to stay at the top she has to be passionate and aware that she can only rely on herself. This is something Becky Lynch apparently picked up from The Demon.

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