Trish Stratus On Demanding Dangerous Spot During Mud Wrestling Match

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Trish Stratus is a WWE Hall Of Famer and she earned that honor in a big way. She was a part of the women’s roster before there was a Revolution. In a lot of ways, her career paved the way for the strong females we see every week on WWE television. It is because of her that the WWE Women’s Division doesn’t have to wrestle in mud.

Ring The Belle recently spoke to Team Bestie when Trish Stratus spoke up about a mud match that she had to take part in on RAW back in the day against Stacy Keibler. While calling it a gravy match, Trish revealed that she only agreed to it if she could make it worth her while. That’s why Stratus demanded she would be able to perform a rather risky high spot in the process.

“To me, it was always to make the best of it. I had a gravy match, like a gravy match, really? I was like, ‘Okay, I’ll do this gravy match if I can be thrown off the top ramp into the mud.”

It’s pretty remarkable how much women’s wrestling has come in WWE. Although they might be behind some other promotions, it’s still great that WWE Evolution was a reality and we could be seeing even more all-female pay-per-views soon enough. Trish Stratus had to wrestle in mud on RAW in order to make that happen, but at least she demanded a big dive in the process to make it an even more unforgettable moment.

As much as people like to complain about WWE’s current product, things are definitely better in the PG Era in more ways than one.

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