Talk is Jericho Recap w/ Tony Schiavone – Leaving Vince McMahon for WCW, Working with Bobby Heenan, “What Happened When” Podcast, More!

Jericho welcomes Tony Schiavone to the show.

Schiavone informs that after WCW shut down he got out of the wrestling business. He didn’t want to go the indie route because he had heard that there was a lot of shady people out there, and he didn’t want to be viewed as someone who was just hanging on to his old life. He moved onto professional sports, calling games on the radio for the Atlanta Braves franchise.

Schiavone informs that Conrad Thompson reached out to him a couple of years ago about starting a podcast. He didn’t think anyone would want to hear him talk, but Thompson convinced him to try it anyway and “What Happened When” was born. He admits that the financial side played a factor for him because his only daughter was getting married and the extra cash would help him give her the wedding she deserved.

Schiavone started work for Crockett Promotions back in the day, and then was hired by Vince McMahon and WWE in the late 1980s. He couldn’t believe the difference in production value when he arrived in WWE. Jericho agrees, noting that it was like going from Black & White to full color in the Wizard of Oz. Schiavone notes that WWE actually had staff and would edit their shows in post production, which was different than his previous experiences.