Kayla Braxton is very busy on the road with WWE every week. That kind of job is awesome, but it doesn’t give much time for a homelife or owning a pet. Braxton thinks that she has a solution to her problem, she just needs to find the right guy first.

“I don’t have a boyfriend and that’s cool. But I really want one so I can get a dog and someone can take care of it,” Kayla tweeted out. She’s okay with being single, but apparently, a little help would be much appreciated because she wants a dog. In fact, she loves dogs so much she’d be willing to make some pretty big sacrifices to make that happen.

“You can get dog sitters. Alot less hassle than a boyfriend,” someone noted to which Braxton replied: “But I wouldn’t have to pay my boyfriend.”

Let’s hope that all of Kayla’s K9 and boyfriend aspirations can be eventually realized. In the meantime, she’s probably going to have a lot of people messaging her willing to take her up on the offer.