Punishment Martinez Never Thought He Would Make It To WWE

Punishment Martinez recently arrived in NXT after a long journey to get to WWE. He recently spoke to WWE’s cameras behind the scenes where he was quite candid about thinking he would never arrive in WWE after so long on the indies.

After finally getting on WWE’s radar and securing a contract with NXT, Martinez is sure to be focused as he has demonstrated during his matches so far.

Punishment revealed that he was shaking which is a rarity with his kind of experience. He also wanted to make sure anyone out there who ever helped him knows how much he has appreciated everything along the way.

“Man, I’ll be honest I didn’t know it was ever gonna happen. You know working close to fifteen years you kinda, not lose hope but you don’t think it’s realistic and then to finally experience it. I was shaking. After so many years you don’t really get the shakes anymore but, I couldn’t stop shaking out there. I think I’m still shaking a little bit now, it’s surreal man, like I just wanna say thank you to anybody that’s ever helped me get here. It’s insane.”

At six-foot-seven and over 250 pounds, Punishment Martinez is the kind of Superstar who might not last long in NXT after Vince McMahon takes one look at him. Therefore, only time will tell if he could be in line for big things in WWE.

The 36-year-old NXT Superstar wrestled in ROH for three years before arriving in NXT. At this point in his career, it looks like things are looking very good for Punishment Martinez as he learns the ropes in the WWE Performance Center and continues living a dream he never thought would happen.

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