Mandy Rose’s New Finisher Name Revealed

WWE Superstar Mandy Rose seems to finally have a name for her impressive new move – courtesy of a little help from her former Mixed Match Challenge partner Goldust.

Rose has been on her way up through the ranks of the women’s division ever since she debuted on the main roster over a year ago, with some fans tipping her to become a future world champion either on Raw or SmackDown Live.

One thing that fans have been particularly impressed by is her flying pump knee finisher, and now, it appears as if we have an actual name for it – other than dubbing it a V-Trigger rip off which many members of the WWE Universe have done.

Kiss The Rose certainly fits into her character, and it would certainly give her even more of an identity moving forward if she’s able to finish off her opponents more regularly with the move.

One of the big criticisms of WWE in recent years has been that finishers aren’t being used to actually finish off matches anymore, and while some wouldn’t even call the move a finisher, we’re confident that it’ll evolve into that as time goes on.

Rose is expected to make a big impression in the upcoming 30-woman Royal Rumble match next month, following on from what she was able to achieve at WWE Evolution in a similar battle royal match. Even if she doesn’t win, a solid performance could vault her even closer towards a shot at a title somewhere down the road.