Cody Rhodes Blames His Wife For Selling Used T-Shirts At Indie Show

Cody Rhodes sells a lot of merchandise on the road and even more online. The only issue is that when you buy a t-shirt from Cody at one of his next appearances, you could be getting something Rhodes never intended on selling.

Apparently, Cody’s wife Brandi Rhodes decided to sell a bag of t-shirts that their dogs have used as pillows. The extra Husky hair might be considered a bonus for some fans and actually, drive up the value a little bit. After all, Pharaoh and Tumi have some pretty hardcore fans too.

“My wife had a mysterious 3rd bag on the teip…it’s a collection of merch shirts that I’d ditched in the dogs’ room and had no intentions of selling, she’s relentless though ha,” Cody tweeted out as he continued saying, “I’ve vetoed it. Next guest in this room gets a used Tumi and pharaoh hair covered shirts.”

Brandi Rhodes was quick to refute Cody’s account of what happened and called it “BS.”

If you’re at one of Cody’s next shows and buy a shirt, that white hair might be an extra collector’s item, but you might not know who to thank for it.