WWE’s Plans For Drew McIntyre & Dolph Ziggler After Split On RAW

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Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntrye’s alliance ended this week on Raw and a match between the two quickly followed. Some might think WWE would be best served to stretch that battle out, but Baron Corbin pulled the trigger on Dolph vs Drew in Houston.

Dolph Ziggler won the match against McIntyre which gave Drew his first loss since his WWE return, including his run in NXT.  This was actually thanks to a blindside shotgun dropkick to McIntyre from Finn Balor and then Dolph was able to score the victory.

Dave Meltzer discussed this story on Wrestling Observer Radio where he revealed that apparently, everything is going to plan in regards to McIntyre’s future on Raw. He is in line for a great push up the roster as a singles star. Unfortunately, it might not be the best news for Dolph Ziggler.

“It’s like they’re going to pull the trigger on McIntyre, it’s just a question of when. This was going to happen. Unfortunately, even though Ziggler won that match, he’s looking like he’s gonna be — it’ ain’t gonna be as bad as Aiden English, but you know what I’m saying.”

“He’s going to be fading down and McIntyre is going to be going up and that’s how it was always going to be since day one that they used Ziggler kinda like how the story was.”

“They used Ziggler to, his role was to be there, they could dominate the tag team scene and they’re gonna break McIntyre into a singles guy, a top guy — and it’s worked. Everything’s been exactly like they want it to be. It came outa nowhere, but it was there.”

We previously reported that Dolph Ziggler’s new deal with WWE might not be one on actual paper. Therefore, you never know what could be brewing behind the scenes. But Dolph has been a part of the company long enough to know that these hills and valleys are going to be part of being a WWE Superstar.

Only time will tell if Ziggler will eventually come around and get some kind of push once again, after all, he did win the match against McIntyre. In the end, Ziggler essentially won that match to put heat on Finn Balor’s feud with Drew McIntyre. So it appears Dolph and Drew’s alliance is no more, but during a time when the WWE Raw roster desperately needs star power, you have to wonder how far they’ll let Dolph Ziggler slide down the totem pole.

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