WWE SmackDown Results – December 4th, 2018

Jey Uso vs Cesaro vs Xavier Woods

This match had all the ingredients to be a great one. Kofi and Big E got their own commentary table where they got to throw pancakes into the crowd.

Woods and Uso traded some moves and then they turned on Cesaro to clothesline him over the top rope.

Every time they went to Kofi and Big E on commentary it makes me wish they wouldn’t go back to the usual desk. Woods hit a tornado DDT on Jey from the apron before Woods and Cesaro went in the ring. Woods got a near fall on Cesaro after a facebuster, and then Cesaro countered the Honor Roll.

Uce got on the top rope and went for a splash, but Cesaro got his knees up and got a near fall. Jey Uso and Xavier Woods got to their feet first and they started slugging it out. Jey landed a kick to the face and Woods answered with a forearm of his own.

Then Cesaro did an airplane swing on Uce while he had Woods up on the fireman’s carry before locking in the sharpshooter on Woods.

Cesaro sent Woods to the outside and Uce hit a superkick to take the win.

Winner: Jey Uso

Rusev and Lana were backstage with Kayla Braxton who showed Rusev the footage from last week of Shinsuke Nakamura’s assault on him. Rusev said Nakamura is terrified of him. Then he started to run down how much stronger he is than Nakamura. Rusev said he’s hungry for his US Title and he wants it back. He said Nakamura treats the title like a toy but he’s not going to avoid him this time.

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