Rhyno’s Possible Future In WWE After Being Fired From Raw

WWE Raw didn’t turn out for Rhyno as he thought it would upon showing up to work in Houston. Baron Corbin booked a match between Heath Slater and Rhyno where the loser would no longer be employed by Raw. After not much of a match at all, Slater won which meant Rhyno was out.

Many fans have been concerned about Rhyno’s status with the company which is a change from the way some largely disregarded him while WWE wasn’t giving him anything to do on television. At this point, we have to wait and see, but there are still a couple of viable options for Rhyno’s future.

“So I wonder what’s up with Rhyno,” Dave Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio. Bryan Alvarez noted that Rhyno could become a trainer at the WWE Performance Center which is also plausible as Meltzer continued.

“It’s possible they could do that [trainer at the PC]. They could also send him to NXT because [Triple H] at the last conference call was talking about how guys that aren’t being used on the main roster may start becoming regulars in NXT.”

If Rhyno does make his way down to NXT, he would be a good choice for a guy to send to developmental. He has a wealth of experience and the ability to teach the students as well. With the way WWE books things though, the Manbeast could be back on Raw next week for all we know or show up on SmackDown Live tonight.

Only time will tell where Rhyno will end up at this point in his career. Mike Johnson noted on PW Insider Elite audio that he was told Rhyno said someone about being retired at Raw last night when they were off-air, but that hasn’t been confirmed.

When you’re talking about a guy like Rhyno, WWE is likely to find many different uses for him.

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