Kurt Angle Possibly Set For WWE Return As Part Of Top Feud

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Kurt Angle is a WWE Hall Of Famer and had a good position as General Manager of Raw following his return to the company. He has wrestled a handful of matches on special occasions, but his latest defeat against Drew McIntyre was a hard one to take. Since then, he hasn’t appeared on WWE television, although his name has certainly been brought up in the meantime.

Dave Meltzer discussed how Baron Corbin presented Drew McIntyre with a gold medal on Raw during Wrestling Observer Radio and how this could have been a big clue of Angle’s future opponent.

“So is Angle coming back now against Drew? I say that’s the impression I got was that Angle was gonna come back and get McIntyre.”

McIntyre sent Angle along his way a few weeks ago on Raw and we haven’t seen the Olympic Hero since. To make matters worse for Kurt Angle, he lost after McIntyre hit an Angle Slam and latched on an ankle lock as well which caused Angle to tap out. Since then, Kurt Angle has been enjoying even more of a vacation.

It will be interesting to see when WWE might book Angle vs McIntyre, but it wouldn’t be the worst WrestleMania match ever, especially if they’re already laying the groundwork.

The week following Kurt Angle’s defeat, Drew McIntyre did rub some salt in his wounds, but he hasn’t been mentioned since. This new angle of Baron Corbin presenting Drew McIntyre with a gold medal is interesting seeing how Corbin and Angle seemed primed to battle over the Raw General Manager position. But now it seems like McIntyre might be a more logical opponent for Angle. But considering WWE’s plan to push Drew McIntyre up the roster, it might not end too well for Angle.

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