Braun Strowman Spotted In Austin Texas Before WWE SmackDown Live

Braun Strowman’s rise to the top of the card was met with a lot of momentum but then he reportedly had some backstage issues which halted his real push to the top. Now he seems set in seeking out revenge against Baron Corbin at TLC in a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match. This can only become a reality though if he can heal up on time from his recent elbow injury.

PW Insider reports that Strowman was not in Houston for RAW last night, but he wasn’t too far away. Braun was spotted in Austin, Texas which will play host to SmackDown Live tonight.

“The fact that he’s flying a week after the surgery or six days after the surgery has to be seen as a good thing,” Mike Johnson noted on PW Insider Elite audio. “We have not heard that he’s been cleared to return to action.”

It was noted that Strowman is not scheduled to appear on the blue brand’s show tonight, but he might have been brought in for a medical evaluation or possibly film some kind of a segment. Therefore, you never know when Braun Strowman will pop up next, but if he appears on RAW next week via a pre-taped message then it was likely filmed in Austin.

At this time, Braun Strowman’s match against Baron Corbin is still on for TLC on December 16th, so hopefully, WWE will be able to figure out what they’re going to do depending on how Strowman is healing up.

Written by Felix Upton

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