WWE RAW Results – December 3rd, 2018

Drew McIntyre vs Dolph Ziggler

These two former partners could have feuded for a while but, why not have a match on RAW on the night they split up?

Drew had control for a bit, but Dolph fought back. After hitting a bodydrop and dragging Ziggler outside of the ring and hammering him against the barricade, he picked up the microphone and said he’s been going easy on Ziggler. So he’s going to pretend it’s Finn Balor instead. This caused McIntyre to be even more rough with The Show Off.

Ziggler sold everything like crazy and really put Drew over. Finally, Finn Balor walked out and Drew was a bit distracted, but the match carried on.

Balor stood at ringside as Dolph and Drew fought on. McIntyre hit an Alabama Slam for a two count as McIntyre and Balor kept trading glances. Drew placed Dolph on the top rope and smacked his chest before climbing down to gloat and climb back up. Dolph fought back with some punches and knocked Drew down and then Dolph hit a DDT for a near fall.

Drew ended up outside and Dolph hit kind of a dive on him in a way. But he pummeled Drew with punches anyway. Then McIntyre fired back with a stiff punch of his own and took control of the match again. He crotched Ziggler on the barricade and rolled Dolph in who rolled into the offiial for a moment allowing Finn Balor to nail a shotgun dropkick on Drew which bounced him off the barricade.

Then Dolph hit a Superkick when Drew got back in the ring and got the win.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

This was the first time (as Michael Cole said) that McIntyre has been pinned or submitted since coming back to WWE which is totally true.

Charly Caruso caught up with McIntyre backstage and he wasn’t happy. He said that Dolph was just an asset and a means to an end. Dolph used him to get to the top of the maintain, but McIntyre is the mountain and Balor is a marked man.

It’s Time For Elias

Elias said he wants to wrap one of his guitars around Bobby Lashley’s head. He said he’s felt the fear Lashley carries around him but at TLC there will be no more hiding. Because Lashley will find out that WWE stands for Walk With Elias.

Lio Rush and Lashley showed up on the stage and Rush hyped his man Bobby Lashley. Finally, when Elias had seen enough posing and heard enough of Lio, he ran after them with his guitar, but Lashley jumped him first and beat him down a bit.

Elias turned it around on Lashley and drove him into the big LED board and then Lio Rush took off. Elias chased Bobby away and then he stood there for a bit before Lio Rush showed up thanks to Finn Balor tossing Rush on the stage. The Elias broke his guitar over Lio’s back. It looks like the babyfaces are getting a little bit more over this week.

Baron Corbin and Jinder Mahal were backstage and Mahal asked for a match against Finn Balor later on tonight.

Then Slater and Rhyno walked in and Corbin said there’s only room on Raw for one of them. He encouraged one of them to quit. Slater said he has kids and Rhyno said he’s worked hard for everything and he can’t quit. Then Baron Corbin booked a match between the two of them where the loser is fired.

Bobby Roode vs Drake Maverick

Maverick didn’t look too happy about facing Roode. This is Maverick’s first actual match in WWE if my memory serves me correctly.

Drake tried to jump Roode, but it didn’t work out too well for him at all. Suddenly, they showed AOP beating down Gable backstage on the big screen. Then Baron ran in and said he changed his mind and it’s now a 3 on 2 handicap match. So AOP ran to the ring and it was on.

Roode tried to pin Drake before AOP got to the ring, but they got there right in time to break up a pin after a Glorious DDT.

Roode took some abuse from AOP and then Chad Gable came down for more of a fight. He fought off both members of AOP for a bit, but the size and numbers game quickly helped AOP regain control. They hit a super collider and Maverick asked for the pin so he got the pinfall over Bobby Roode.

Winners: AOP & Drake Maverick

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