WWE RAW Results – December 3rd, 2018

Lucha House Party vs The Revival

Dash and Dawson came down and cut a promo on how the Luchas don’t respect tag team wrestling because of their Lucha Rules deal. Then Dawson said he’s going to teach them a lesson in a one-on-one match.

Then JoJo said it’s still under Lucha House rules so it’s 3 on 1. This is an interesting gimmick for babyfaces to have, but the kids love it. There were a lot more flips than fists in this match as Dawson jobbed to the Lucha House Party as he took one move after another.

Then Dawson came back and started taking them out one by one. Lince Dorado ended up in the ring with him and took a bunch of damage with shoulder blocks and clotheslines. Dawson got Lince is the Gory Special, but Dorado flipped around on his feet and then the Luchas took advantage as well.

Corey brought up that Wilder should be allowed to come in as well if it’s Lucha House Party rules, but Cole said that’s not how it works.

Then they hit separate moves on Scott Dawson and won.

Winners: Lucha House Party

Some backstage assistant gave Baron Corbin a box. He opened it and said it’s perfect. Then Baron chased off the intern. Drew McIntyre appreciation night is next.

Drew McIntyre Appreciation Night

Baron Corbin was already in the ring to soak up the boos when he plugged the fact he is going to defeat Strowman via forfeit at TLC and become the full-time Raw GM. Then he praised himself a bit while people booed him as expected.

Then McIntyre was introduced to the ring and he shook hands with Corbin who thanked him for his hard work and support. “You have proven to be on the right side of history,” Baron said. Then he gave Drew an Olympic Gold Medal.

Baron said now that Drew has rid Raw of Kurt Angle, that he is rewarding him with the “Gold Medal Of Excellence.” Drew said he was simply doing what nobody else was strong enough to do.  McIntyre continued to praise himself and then he started running down Finn Balor.

Suddenly, Dolph Ziggler came out and said that Drew has some memory problems. Ziggler didn’t know what happened because they dominated Raw, yet he wasn’t invited to Drew’s little party. Then Drew said that Dolph was never invited. He said Dolph didn’t meet the height requirement.

Drew said he was always the brains, muscle, and talent. Then he continued to layer on the insults to Ziggler until the Show Off had enough. Dolph started raining down punches on Drew and hit a Zig Zag before Baron Corbin booked a match between the two of them to start immediately.

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