RAW’s Nia Jax Recalls Her Tryout With WWE Back in 2014

RAW Superstar Nia Jax hasn’t exactly been the most beloved character on WWE TV since the RAW before Survivor Series– but many fans remain passionate about Jax and what she represents. She came to WWE with a very different physique to the other female wrestlers employed and made a lasting impact.

During a recently released episode of Tom Bilyeu’s Impact Theory, the host sat down with the former WWE RAW Women’s Champion to discuss a number of topics pertaining to how Jax has overcome body image issues to promote positivity to women around the globe.

Jax was asked what her journey to become a professional wrestler was like, allowing “The Immovable Force” to explain in depth what the learning process was for her, and what specific moment from her WWE tryout really stood out.

She had the following comments to make:

“So it’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I’ve played pretty much every sport, I’ve done it all. Wrestling’s a whole different beast. That…That was like a challenge. So that was like…I don’t know how I’m gonna do it, but I’m gonna figure this out. Like, when you hit the ropes and everyone thinks it’s easy- it’s like hitting a wall. Those are rock-hard, tight ropes.

“When I was done, I remember I had done my tryout, and I was black and blue. I took a picture of it and I sent it to my mom and she was like ‘Lena! You are not doing this!’ and I was like ‘but I love it! I love it!’ and I remember at the tryout they asked me to do a flip bump. It’s like where you just stand there and you just flip and you land on your back- and I was like ‘what? Flip in the air and land on my back? Are you kidding me?’ Like, I was like ‘no!’ I looked at our trainer and I said ‘can you do that?” and she said ‘yeah!’ I was like ‘can you show me?’ She did it, boom! I was like ‘alright, everybody back up,’ and then I did it. Then I was like ‘I can do this, there’s nothing that’s gonna stop me.’

“Like being a bigger girl in this industry is not normal, right? Because it’s just- we come from a different era when girls were in bikinis and whatnot. So when I finally realized that I can do something really freakin’ cool being a bigger girl, I was like ‘Oh, I’m gonna do this! I’m gonna freakin’ do it!’ because I love it. The passion of the constant challenge- I’m constantly learning when I’m in the ring.”

Jax recently turned heel on WWE TV, and looks to be aligned with Tamina moving forward. Her reactions have been large, and her incoming feud with RAW Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey is bound to shake the RAW women’s division up.

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