Impact Wrestling Star Pranked At Indie Show With Madonna Entrance Music & Entire Crowd Sings Along

You never know what can happen in pro wrestling and that goes especially when Grado is in the picture. The Impact Wrestling star recently competed for a Hydro event in the UK, and he never thought that he would be getting the reception he received.

Grado was facing James Storm at the event and little did he know that Madonna’s “Like A Prayer” would be the song he would be coming out to. He said that it threw off his entrance, and of course, it did. But the crowd didn’t skip a beat because it seemed like they had been rehearsing for that moment.

“Been told since July I wasn’t getting Like A Prayer at the Hydro. So I get the Foley flannel oot, new gear, drap the bumbag/hat for a more serious entrance. They end up playing it anyway & it throws me completely & I walk oot the wrong entrance. What a rib”

This was a pretty awesome event caught on camera. You can also tell that James Storm was really enjoying it as he sat in the corner watching it all go down.