Baron Corbin Reveals How Vince McMahon Feels About His Current Character On WWE RAW

Baron Corbin is a very hated heel on RAW and it seems that’s his mission in WWE. He makes people despise him, but that is exactly how he wants them to feel about what he’s doing on television. While some could argue Corbin is getting the wrong kind of heat, Vince McMahon apparently loves that he is doing.

Baron Corbin recently opened up to Booker T on Heated Conversations where he discussed being nervous the first few times he went out to do an opening segment on RAW, but in time, he’s obviously gotten used to it. But the fans still hate him, however, as long as McMahon is enjoying Corbin’s work that’s all that matters.

“Yeah, I’m definitely nervous the first few times. It’s crazy but I think that they’re letting me have fun with it and do it my way and do it as me and Vince loves it and for the last four weeks I’ve been the first fifteen minutes of Monday Night RAW which is you know, crazy. That’s a John Cena spot, that’s a Roman Reigns spot and I’m doing it.”

“It’s a great opportunity and I love the challenge. I love being able to do that every single week and fill it and right now people hate me for it and I love it. Like they despise that I’m on their TV six or seven times a night and that’s the best thing for me because then their following everything I’m doing. If they hate me that much they’re following everything I do and it’s just awesome. It’s very exciting but in a nervous way.”

If I were a betting man, WWE plans on having Baron Corbin around for a long time. Even after his RAW General Manager position is done, he’ll probably still be around just because of the heat he draws. It also looks like that could happen sooner than later as well because if Corbin loses his scheduled TLC match against Baron Corbin, then The Lone Wolf will no longer be an authority figure in WWE.

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