Stephanie McMahon On The Most Iconic WWE Superstar In History — It’s Not Triple H

Stephanie McMahon has been a part of her father’s company since before graduating from Boston University and taking a job with WWE. She had dinner with legends growing up and was one of the few people on the planet who knew about kayfabe before a time when it was “dead.” Therefore, she knows a thing or two about the pro wrestling business.

She took her training seriously, respectfully, and fervently as she learned to learn how to do the moves she saw in the ring. This helped her even more in making sure that she was a well-rounded entertainer. It also helped her get a better grasp of what it takes to be a Superstar.

While speaking to Planeta Wrestling, the WWE’s Cheif Brand Ambassador was asked who the most iconic character in WWE History was and she was honest with her reply. She didn’t name her husband Triple H, in fact, she namedropped and praised a man who was one of The Game’s latest opponents.

“A character that’s impressed me the most has to be The Undertaker. I mean he really is. He is the most iconic Superstar in WWE History. So I would have to say him.”

“Those iconic characters, god, that’s what WWE is all about, we’re storytellers. We create these larger than life personalities that people can relate to. People can either cheer to see them win or boo to see them lose and that’s what it’s all about. It’s this interactive community that I’m just proud to be a part of.”

It’s likely that Stephanie McMahon could have a different answer for every time she’s asked that same question. After all, Vince McMahon has helped mold several iconic characters that will undoubtedly live on forever. But The Undertaker is certainly one name that deserves the nod.

Only time will tell when the next time we see Stephanie McMahon step back in the ring and who she will be dealing with. But as her career continues, it’s nice to know that she’s taking her position seriously and still understands the magic WWE can produce if given the right ingredients and a strong character is definitely a part of that recipe.

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