WWE made the call to move their TakeOver event during WrestleMania weekend to the Friday before their biggest show of the year. This was a change of pace from what they have done for the past few years and it was even a deviation from their originally announced plan. But they made the call which caused plenty of fans to wonder why this decision was made.
Dave Meltzer commented on Wrestling Observer Radio that unless WWE has The Rock lined up for a WWE Hall Of Fame induction and he’s only available on April 6th next year, then WWE might not have had any other reason except for trying to save face by not competing with an already sold out show in MSG.

“Right now the two things are if they have The Rock going into the Hall Of Fame. Okay, if that’s the idea. That they have The Rock going into the Hall Of Fame and he’s only available on Saturday then that’s worth making that move. If it’s anything else then they don’t want a story to come out that there were these two wrestling shows on the same night and WWE got outdrawn when [ROH/NJPW] sold out Madison Square Garden and [WWE] don’t want that story. So they backed off.”
“It’s not a matter of being nice to the wrestling fans by any means.They might have sold out, but they don’t know that. I’m sure they would have sold out TakeOver in the Barclays Center. I don’t even have a doubt, but they may not know that and let’s say they’re wrong because a lot of TakeOvers don’t sell out but it’s WrestleMania and WrestleMania will easily I’d think too even with 15,000 people at the Madison Square Garden show.”

Meltzer continued saying that he doesn’t know if WWE has The Rock lined up for a Hall Of Fame induction, as he said, “I have no idea.” But booking The Great One for the HOF would be a big enough reason to move the Hall Of Fame Ceremony.
Only time will tell how all of the chips fall during WrestleMania weekend. For that matter, we might have a much better picture of what The Elite is going to be doing with their possible wrestling promotion as well. But for whatever reason, WWE made the decision to move NXT TakeOver: New York and plenty of fans who were forced to make a decision between the G1 Supercard show and TakeOver now have a much easier time because they can go to both shows.
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