WWE Reportedly Has Right to Purchase Number of Indie Promotions

We’ve reported at length this week on the incoming contract restrictions for Superstars in the WWE NXT UK brand. We now have an update to that story, courtesy of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter– who is reporting that WWE could go another step with their contracted talent.

WWE has several working relationships with promotions in Europe such as ICW, PROGRESS Wrestling and wXw. According to the Observer, the agreements between WWE and these promotions include the rights for WWE to purchase the smaller companies if they desire.

WWE reportedly has these rights for the next few years. The idea would be that those indie promotions would be sold for as high as six-figures, depending on the promotion itself. The idea behind WWE purchasing these companies, if they so choose to do so, would be to eliminate other shows in the market so WWE can hold larger full-time schedules in those markets.

Given that all of the promotions WWE has worked with have not pulled out of their agreements or made any reference to the deal, it is expected that WWE will not buy out any of the promotions any time soon. The option to do so, however, could have major effects on the UK scene- as it would not only remove some of the up-and-coming promotions in that market but limit opportunities for wrestlers trying to break into the wrestling scene in the UK.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think WWE will buy out the promotions it works with, or leave them as is? Let us know your thoughts, opinions, and reactions in those comments below.