Liv Morgan Owns Hater In A Fantastic Way

Liv Morgan is the kind of WWE Superstar who even though she might be mischevious on camera, everyone seems to love her. After all, when Brie Bella gave Morgan a concussion, fans came out in droves to her defense. But still, there are going to be some people who don’t agree that Liv Morgan is great, but that’s okay because she can handle herself.

Morgan recently posted a picture of herself with a one-word caption of “Thoughts?” One fan felt the need to tweet out: “You look 100% better on TV.. You’re a dog without 2 pounds of camera makeup..”

When Morgan saw this, it doesn’t sound like she was too peeved, because she just replied: “I love dogs.”

We have to give the point to Liv for winning this one. There’s a reason why Enzo Amore is still writing love songs about her.