Jerry Lawler Reveals How He Once Made Vince McMahon Cry

Vince McMahon isn’t the kind of man who shows his emotions very often. He is often thought of as straight-forward and all business. But Jerry Lawler recently told a story on Dinner With The King that really made the Chairman Of The Board seem human.

Lawler is an artist and a pretty good one at that. Therefore, he says he got to work on an idea to do a drawing of Shane McMahon, Vince McMahon, and Vince McMahon Sr. He said he worked on it for weeks and finally got it ready to present to Vince McMahon as a gift.

When Jerry shows the drawing to Stephanie McMahon backstage at RAW, she didn’t say anything about how she wasn’t included in the drawing. Instead, she told The King that Vince was going to cry, and sure enough, he did.

Lawler said when he unveiled the drawing to McMahon, he cupped his hand over his mouth and had to walk off into the corner for a moment to collect himself. When he came back, it was apparent that Lawler had stuck a very emotional cord in McMahon.

Jerry said that was the one moment when he ever saw that kind of emotion out of Vince McMahon and he believes that the drawing is still hanging in his office to this day. You can check out the picture in the video below where Lawler described the emotional and rare experience.