Drake Maverick Unloads On WWE Fans Calling Them Hypocrites

Drake Maverick was a straight-forward GM of 205 Live and then he was placed next to AOP as their new manager. This was an interesting move on WWE’s part, but it still helped led AOP to become RAW Tag Team Champions.

Maverick had a little issue at Survivor Series when Big Show scared him so badly that he wet himself. It’s still up to debate whether or not Maverick actually had to urinate in his own pants too.

But it seems like Maverick is done taking abuse from the WWE fans as one person tweeted out to him saying: Drake! Or Rockstar Spud or whatever your name is, this isn’t funny anymore. Actually, it wasn’t that funny to begin with. If anything you’re hurting your character and standing as manager of a tag team, and the GM of 205 live!”

Maverick really didn’t need any pointers from a random fan and he tweeted back in retaliation saying: “You found it funny laughing at me. ALL OF YOU. Now I’m having the laugh at people all of a sudden it’s unacceptable? The WWE Universe is just hypocrites. As long as its funny to them at somebody else’s expense – its deemed ok.”

It seems like we might be seeing a much more frustrated side of Drake very soon.