Becky Lynch Has A Message For Narrow Minded Fans

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Becky Lynch came into the pro wrestling business at the right time and her relentlessness has proven to be a great part of her success. Fans have rallied behind her and made WWE pay attention. But still, there are some who have been able to find offense in her success.

As Lynch carries the SmackDown Women’s Title, she claims to be The Man. Obviously, she’s a woman, but the connotation speaks volumes to show how tough she is. Unfortunately, some have come out and criticized Lynch for calling herself The Man while representing the SmackDown Women’s Division. But Becky Lynch has a message for them.

“You can call yourself a queen, or a boss, or even a goddess – but if you want to see narrow minds explode, call yourself The Man,” Lynch wrote on Twitter.

She might have taken a few shots at other women in WWE like Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, and Alexa Bliss. But the real shot fired was directed right at those who haven’t been able to accept who The Man is.

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