More Women Come Forward In Light Of James Ellsworth Allegations

James Ellsworth had some allegations come out about him that could be a career killer. While we really don’t wish any harm on someone’s livelihood, after Ellsworth categorically denied these allegations and his attorneys have called them baseless, it seems that more women are coming forward with similar stories.

Once Ellsworth’s latest response hit social media, it seems that he has several fans have come out against what he said and the truthfulness of his denial. Now everything from Ellsworth’s past seems to be up for scrutiny. 

Ellsworth loves the ladies, but these recently revealed conversations might show how insistent he can be. You can read the evidence below that we have been alerted to and draw your own conclusions.

This kind of situation is never a good one and it’s already cost James Ellsworth a lot of work in the process. While he maintains his innocence it is also very important to remember that this is not a criminal case at all as no charges have been filed.