Mark Henry’s Son Told Cody Rhodes That Stardust Is Never Going To Be WWE World Champion

Mark Henry has a great mind for the business, and as it turns out he’s not the only one in his family who can look at the pro wrestling world in a different light. Because apparently, his son Jacob also has a pretty good eye for talent as well.

The WWE Hall Of Famer, Henry recently appeared on E&C’s Pod Of Awesomeness where he told a story about how his son Jacob had some very good advice for Cody Rhodes while he was still with WWE under the Stardust character.

“Jacob just walked up to Cody who is one of the most unbelievable wrestlers in the world right now and he was like, ‘Cody this is what I see for you. I’d like for you to be more serious. I like Stardust but eh, Stardust is not going to be World Champion.’ He’s like, ‘You need to turn it up you need to be putting tables on fire and stuff like that.’ And Cody turned and looked at me and was like, ‘Well, he’s right.'”

Henry’s son obviously has a mind for the business. If anything, he was able to look at Cody Rhodes as the Stardust character and realize that he could do way better. Thankfully, Cody is doing way better than he ever did as Stardust, and he might have Mark Henry’s son to thank for that extra motivation.

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