E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness Recap w/ Mark Henry – Making Tommy Dreamer Crap His Pants, Incredible Displays of Strength, Possible Retirement Match, More!

Dreamer mentions that Henry slammed him so hard on WWE ECW television one time that he literally had the crap knocked out of him. After taking the slam he could smell something, but when he got to the back he discovered that he had indeed crapped his pants.

Henry talks about his in-ring style. Christian notes that when you’re that big and strong your work has to look believable. Henry agrees, admitting that he would hit people hard sometimes, but he’d hit them in places that wouldn’t kill them. He’d also tell people to hit him back because he knew he could take it.

Dreamer recalls Henry rolling up a wrench like a piece of paper in OVW one time, displaying his ridiculous strength. On another occasion several WWE Superstars were trying to move a door that was in their locker room. Bradshaw and Ron Simmons couldn’t even move the door when they worked together, and then Henry came into the room and moved the door with one hand.

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