E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness Recap w/ Mark Henry – Making Tommy Dreamer Crap His Pants, Incredible Displays of Strength, Possible Retirement Match, More!

Dreamer informs that on Thanksgiving he flew to Indianapolis for an indie show. He was picked up at the airport and brought to an apartment complex. He was confused but as is turned out he was wrestling in a condo sports complex where they had a small basketball course. Every match was in a steel cage as that was the show’s selling point. He teamed with Sandman and Shane Douglas, and a lot of fans came out. It was a pretty good show.

Christian welcomes Mark Henry to the show.

Henry informs that he’s working on SiriusFM radio now and he’s having so much fun. Over time he’s learning the protocol; what to say and what not to say, and he thinks a 25 year background in the wrestling business has helped him. Bubba Ray Dudley and Dreamer also appear on Busted Open Radio to talk wrestling, and he points out that this gives the program three different voices with expert opinions based on their careers in the business.

Henry mentions that he always loved working with Christian. Christian always spoke in terms of getting the match over, not getting himself over, and Henry loved that. He also loved Christian’s creative ideas, and that wasn’t always the case with people he worked with. Other than Owen Hart, Christian was the funnest guy he ever worked with in the ring.

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