Dinner With the King Recap – King’s Next WWE Appearance, Making Vince McMahon Tear Up, Samoa Joe’s Controversial Promo, More!

Jerry Lawler is joined on today’s show by his co-host Glenn Moore.

Lawler informs that he was at WrestleCade this past weekend, and he was happy to see so many fans throughout the weekend. He saw his old friend Jim Ross there, who had a broken nose and two black eyes after taking a recent fall. In spite of that, Lawler says Ross was in a good mood and it was good to spend some time with him.

Lawler talks about the notion of veteran performers passing the torch to young up-and-comers. He informs that no veteran performer makes the decision to pass the torch; that call is always made by the promoter. He doesn’t think Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin, The Rock or John Cena ever voluntarily stepped aside and passed the torch to a younger performer, as they all probably felt like they should still be the top guy.

Lawler says he had fun being a part of Survivor Series last weekend. He hates flying in for events a day early so he flew in for the event Sunday morning. When he landed and got to the arena his phone was going off because he was needed at the announce table for the Kickoff Show rehearsals. After rehearsal was over the director told him to grab a drink if he wanted to, because they were going live in 20 minutes. Lawler had to rush to change his shirt and get his makeup done in order to be ready in time.