Chael Sonnen Calls Becky Lynch “Jane Doe Jobber” In Ronda Rousey Rant

Chael Sonnen had a lot to say about Ronda Rousey on a recent episode of his show. He made a point of explaining Rousey’s road to her current position where she is a WWE Superstar and why she was considered the best in UFC for as long as she was.

To make things simple, Rousey was essentially the best until she was put against real challengers and then as he said they “ran through her”

He also had some pretty dismissive language to use about Becky Lynch as she continues in a feud with Ronda Rousey in WWE.

“Jane Doe jobber is getting traction on this because she worked reality into the script and it’s like anything in life, guys. It’s the truth that hurts. If someone is telling lies about you, it doesn’t hurt, it’s annoying, but it’s the truth [that hurts].”

The point was made that the only reason Lynch is getting over with the fans is because she is bringing in Rousey’s real-life history in MMA and her loss record in the UFC to tell a realistic story. Some might disagree with him, are you one of those people?

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