Becky Lynch On Letting Her Real Frustration Out In WWE

Becky Lynch is SmackDown Women’s Champion for a reason because WWE finally realized what the fans have been saying since she made her WWE main roster debut. They wanted to see more of Becky, but WWE pushed The Lass Kicker aside for the longest time. Now she’s on the top of her game and with a ton of fan support behind her, it seems like there’s little stopping her at this point.

Lynch recently spoke to Hollywood Life and she transitioned the direction of her answer about her WWE character back to The Marine 6 which she was there to plug. But before The Man was able to get back to plugging the sixth installment in The Marine franchise, she did address how her real-life frustrations have resonated with fans.

“Yeah, I think in the ring, it’s certainly, you see a lot of real frustration coming out, right? And I think that’s what’s resonating with people so much is that it’s real, you know? It’s that feeling of being overlooked, and of wanting to be more, and not holding anything back anymore, not trying to be liked, and going after what you truly want.”

“With the Maddy Hayes character, it’s going after what she feels is important. …I really, I loved playing that role, especially at the time. It was so different from what I was doing on TV, that it was a nice flip, to be able to go and play something completely different.”

Lynch is scheduled to defend her SmackDown Women’s Title against both Charlotte Flair and Asuka in a TLC match on December 16th. You never know what can happen in WWE, but if I were a betting man if The Champ loses her title in San Jose, she’s not going down without a huge fight.